12 cozy cabins, cottages, and barns on Airbnb in Upstate New York for a remote retreat immersed in nature

FAQ: Airbnb in Upstate New York

Where is Upstate New York?

While some people consider Upstate New York to be the entire region of New York state that is north of New York City, others only consider the areas north and west of the Catskills to be truly upstate.

How far is Upstate New York from Manhattan?

Upstate New York is anywhere from two to four hours from New York City by car, depending on where you’re going. While Amtrak and bus lines serve areas along the Hudson River, you’ll need a car to explore inland.

Where should I stay in Upstate New York?

In an Airbnb from this list! If you need further guidance, plan your Airbnb around what you want to do. 

If you plan to ski or snowboard, stay close to your intended mountain in towns like Windham or Phoenicia. Otherwise, there are many small, charming towns to discover located amid mountain and forest areas perfect for hiking and foliage. If you want to take a dip in a lake, look for towns that provide access to some of Upstate New York’s swimmable lakes.

And, the more remote you go, the cheaper the prices.

What are the best things to do in Upstate New York?

In winter, come to ski, snowshoe, snowboard, or just hole up in a cozy cabin.

In spring and summer, go hiking, discover waterfalls, swim in lakes, admire the fall foliage, peruse farmer’s markets, or hop between breweries.

Is Airbnb safe?

If you’re wondering if travel is safe, the CDC says fully vaccinated individuals can safely travel within the US.

Additionally, experts consider private vacation homes, such as those on Airbnb, to be one of the safer places to stay, especially compared to hotels. This is because you are often booking an entire home protected from interaction with others, and Airbnb requires all hosts and guests to comply with enhanced cleaning policies.


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