What size iPad Pro should you buy?

Last year, I decided I needed an iPad Pro. But there was one issue I struggled with when making my choice: what size iPad Pro should I buy?

Strangely, I found a few articles that touched on this topic, but nothing that fully sated me. So, I vowed to right that wrong — and that’s what this article is all about.

My goal is simple: to provide a useful guide on choosing the right size iPad Pro for you. This is a mission I’m so passionate about, that I’ve also put together a video all about the topic. You can watch that above, or go over here and view it too. The choice, friends, is yours.

A short disclaimer

This article and the video is working on the assumption that you’re set on buying an iPad Pro. Bear that in mind.

Honestly? I think the best iPad for most people is probably the most recent iPad Air. This starts at $550, which is $250 less than the cheapest iPad Pro. But the Air has many of the same features as its Pro counterparts.